Building Works Inner and Outer


Trustees are delighted to keep the general public informed of the recent works that have been undertaken to ensure that the major restoration programme of 1982/2012 is kept up to date by constant inspection and any findings rectified without delay. All works are carried out by highly skilled craftsmen suitably qualified in their respective trades who can demonstrate a record of conservation to the high standards demanded by our architect  William Assheton of GSS Architecture and other authorities such as English Heritage.

THE  JAFFA WINDOW 1883 by Mayer of Germany. (Fully  displayed later in this article).

Following a report by then churchwarden Michael Longman, it brought to the attention of the trustees that the heads of four lancets were in danger of implosion  due to some moving in a concave manner and others in convex. Derek Hunt of Limelight Studios was called in for expert assessment and also found that a base element of one lancet was in concave as was the Cinquefoil header. The completed works are shown here as is the complete window.

Works April to July 2015

Contractor Derek Hunt Architectural Glass Artist.

Accredited by the Institute for Conservation

Scaffolding by Apex Scaffolding

Project Management In House


OUTER  NORTH  AISLE. 2015/2016

It was detected that an element of beetle infestation was in operation both in the Inner North and Outer North Aisles. The UKs leading contractors RENTOKIL was called in to examine and make recommendations with the result being that the two north elements and the centre aisle were all treated under floor and a 30 year guarantee certificate issued against re-infestation. The South aisle had been treated in 1992 so did not come under scrutiny.

Whilst treating the centre aisle the technicians found a section of dry rot which was then treated and a further certificate of 30 years issued.

Contractors: RENTOKIL UK for treatments.

Re-boarding KEVIN HUMPHRIES & SON first element

Re-boarding second element STEPHEN BRITTEN CARPENTRY