Building Works Inner and Outer


Trustees are delighted to keep the general public informed of the recent works that have been undertaken to ensure that the major restoration programme of 1982/2012 is kept up to date by constant inspection and any findings rectified without delay. All works are carried out by highly skilled craftsmen suitably qualified in their respective trades who can demonstrate a record of conservation to the high standards demanded by our architect  William Assheton of GSS Architecture and other authorities such as English Heritage.


Holy Sepulchre Restoration Trust Ltd Articles of Association exist to cover all structural elements of the world famous building across all the various centuries of construction. The sum of £1.3 million has been raised  by church fund raising groups, voluntary donations, trusts, foundations, regimental associations, local councils and English Heritage and carefully spent on this building of International Significance to ensure that it is saved for posterity.

It is equally important that Holy Sepulchre ParocChurch Council interacts with the Trust in terms of routine maintenance of all areas seen and unseen. The routine maintenance of the church lies with the PCC.hial

The PCC has now engaged for this year (2018) and the next four years with PROVAX SERVICES who have already demonstrated a first class addition to the works portfolio.


Trustees received a request from Holy Sepulchre PCC to consider the installation of EMERGENCY LIGHTING to the belfry and tower. The tower captain was seriously concerned for the safety of ringers including young people learning the art, during practice evenings in the winter months.

Under the Trust present day Articles of Association this type of work would not usually be undertaken but trustees recalled that at the commencement of restoration by the Restoration Trust in 1982, the whole church was re-wired by the Trust to bring safety standards up to date. Under Health & Safety requirements of the time there was no call for the tower to have emergency lighting installed. Subsequently, in response to the earlier request, trustees felt that there was a moral need to support the application in line with the original installation.

The contract was opened to tender and won by GOODSON ELECTRICAL of Quinton in the sum of £3297.43 and completed in July 2018.

As a result of the installation there is now emergency lighting to the belfry, all staircases and the various floor levels above. The final high level in the tower occupied by the media mobile boosters, was previously brought up to date by the media on it’s own direct energy feed.